Music: Daron Hagen | Words: Daron Hagen and Barbara Grecki

These three intimate stories are based on the experiences of real people. The music and libretto weaves all of their lives together. Conceived as a trilogy for performance both together and seperately, the first skit is piquant and romantic, the second is dark and funny by turns, the third is warmly domestic and ends with a delightful twist. The trilogy is intended for young artist training programs at universities and professional opera companies. Chamber orchestra accompaniments are available, but piano accompaniment is preferred. Staging in a traditional theater is not preferable to site-specific stagings in private homes or public spaces.


Pamela, a thirty-something divorcee, lives alone in a one bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side. She's been waiting for months for the tile man to come and fix the broken tiles in her bathroom. Antonio, a middle-aged Italian immigrant, arrives to do the work.


Babs, a single socialite of a certain age and wealth living in a luxurious penthouse on the Upper East Side, receives an unexpected visit from her brother Chip on Christmas Eve, and, out of self-preservation, turns him away.


Mama and Papa, a young composer couple living in a tiny studio apartment in the East Village, arrive home after an evening out and begin the extended pas de deux of getting their infant child down for the night. 

Opera Underground, Boston, MA

Opera Underground, Boston, MA


  • 3 Acts / 60 mins.
  • First Complete (Piano) Premiere: Kentucky Opera / Daron Hagen / Joey Mechavich / Lisa Hasson
  • Other Notable Performances: USC Opera - Los Angeles, CA, 3/8/05 - BP; Brooklyn Conservatory - Brooklyn, NY, 5/20/05 - BP; Music on the Edge - Pittsburgh, PA, 2/19/07 - BP; Boston Opera Underground - Boston, MA, 2/13/08 - BP; Prism Ensemble - New York, NY, 4/7/08 - JFTN; UO Opera & Eugene Opera - Symphony Space, NYC 5/4/08 - BP; UO Opera & Eugene Opera - Eugene, OR, 5/30/08 - BP; University of Puget Sound - Tacoma, WA, 10/21/08 - CS; Seasons Music Festival - Yakima, WA, 10/26/08 - CS*; Long Leaf Opera - Chapel Hill, NC, 6/17/09 - NYS; Kentucky Opera - Louisville, KY, 10/30/10 - NYS; Chicago Opera Theater - Chicago, IL, 11/1/11 - NYS; Chicago College of Perf. Arts - Chicago, IL, 11/11-12/11 - NYS; Butler Opera Center - Austin, TX, 2/24-26 & 3/2-4/12 - NYS
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Kentucky Opera, Louisville, KY

Kentucky Opera, Louisville, KY

Butler Opera Center, Austin, TX

Butler Opera Center, Austin, TX


The three one act playlets are crafted for college-age singers and may be sung by the same pait of singers, double-, or triple-cast.

  • Pamela / Babs / Mama (soprano)
  • Antonio / Chip / Papa (baritone / tenor)


Version 1: Piano

Version 2 (13 players):


Daron Hagen's Broken Pieces from his New York Stories trilogy performed on October 30, 2010 at the home of Phil & Kathy Scherer with Andrea Shokery as Pamela, Gabriel Preisser as Antonio and Lisa Hasson on piano.