Poetry of Jaik Miller


1. eleven three and double OH! seven

something about elevens

i don’t know

i could not put my finger on the pulse

my mother, born this day some time ago

and i remember still

from year to year

i wake up from these dreams

they are so clear

of you

and me and polly in the snow

and now that we can fly and walk through walls

you are my heart

i will not let you go


2. whatever gets you through the nightmare

i wanna run run run run run. walk. fly.

i want to dream without sleeping. hear without listening.

close my eyes and see everything.

i want to remember you the way you are.

the way you were.

the way you will be when i’m finished with you.

i want i want i want.

walk with me

and smell the morning.

tell me everything is alright.


are my favorite song


3. salient moment

this is my favorite kind of rain

when it drops

i feel

my skin is burning

and the window is gray and green

i can see

right through your face





as are your words

all those little lies you tell

cracks in the basement

taste some truth

it is sweeter than bitter resentment

there is no FEAR here

only love

only songs of courage

and returning

face your real self

it is time to choose


4. (what she was thinking about

before the explosion)

she wanted to dream

the colors washed away and there it was

the little voice inside her little mind

suggesting that she not be so unkind

not so unraveled, lost without a cause

but tragedy plus time just made her laugh

and laugh until she jiggled on the floor

and ev’ry window opened, slamming doors

and burning bridges as she drew her bath

believing there was nothing left to love

she reveled in her loneliness and fear

and thoughts erased the ones she once held dear

until there was no heart left to sing of

so daft my tease

and cross my eyes

the truth about her somewhere hides

in all these wasted words and lies

in dreamless sleep

in starless skies


5. electrolux

i was trying to glue it back together when

i dropped the candy dish and

mommy was weeping

and i did not understand what that meant

i would look for bits of crystal and candy corns

for years and years


my stomach flips

when i see an electrolux

i crouch under the record cabinets

i am small and silent

you will never find me here


6. i know that you can hear me bleeding


we are red like the sun

all powder and finished corners

sweat drenched pillows and dancing nightmares

flowers wilting in an empty glass

we are telepathic and mute

we know

but will never say

and truth in turn

is silver breath

is waking up with heart

with eyes

where hands and ankles fear to tread

swell winds

spin little wheels

wash our lips with dust and sky

stop traffic

and hold onto me

we are watching from the aspens

sleep now

so we may dress you

when morning never comes again


7. metaforest

there is a crack in your face

where the smile used to hide

i whisper the same sweet song

(it’s not the only one i know)

it will heal you still

it will make you real, all

mend your broken dreams

restore your faith

i will hold on to these truths

i will wrap your turban and adorn

with a single pearl

as blue as your ocean

so when you feel my lips on your throat

you can never be afraid again


8. quiet nectar

a part

of you

i’ve seen a million times

will wash these holy hands

if you don’t mind

i lure alleged lovers liars and thieves


who breathe known names

who drop dreams to their knees

for all you fear i’ve not been here at all

until you steal my grace

to break your fall


all blood and bone all milk all plasticine

these things are not

in fact they’ve never been

ten thousand voices sing

these thoughts i hear

on angel wings fly you from tear to tier

aloft, alone

all one, all everything

when you create

you are that joy i sing


if something stirs from deep inside your heart,

do never be afraid. it is your art.

 Poetry (c) copyright the Jaik Miller Foundation