Music: Daron Hagen  | Words: Paul Muldoon

The story told by the opera concerns itself with the 1904 Feis Ceoil competition recital on 27 August 1904 in the Antient Concert Rooms in Dublin, Ireland. Legend has it that John McCormack and James Joyce competed that night in the Tenor singing competition. There is no documentary evidence of this; however, Joyce did win the Bronz Medal that year (it is said that he did not agree with the stipulation that competitors demonstrate their musicianship by doing some sight-reading, and left the stage). Many believe that it was McCormack's 1903 win of the Gold Medal that launched his career.

For the purpose of telling a story about the collision of words, music, performance, sex, death, and nationalism, the authors chose five traditional ballads that Joyce and McCormack may have performed that evening, and used them as the musical and textual foundation upon which the piece is built. Consequently, throughout the recital, the characters shift between "performance mode" and the expression of their internal thoughts.


  • Duration: 1 Act / 62 mins.
  • World staged premiere: Phoenix Chamber Players / Daron Hagen / Jocelyn Dueck / Century Association ? New York, NY
  • Notable Performances: staged workshop:: 17 April 2005 / The Princeton Atelier / Borromeo String Quartet /Daron Hagen / McCarter Theater / Princeton, NJ; concert broadcast premiere: 16 June 2007 / Bloomsday on Broadway XXVI / Peter Sharp Theater / Symphony Space, NYC
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Century Association photo by Neil Erickson

Century Association photo by Neil Erickson


  • James Joyce (lyric baritone)
  • John McCormack (tenor)
  • May Joyce (mezzo-soprano)
  • Nora Barnacle (soprano)


  • string quartet, or piano
Symphony Space / Bloomsday XXVI cast photo by 

Symphony Space / Bloomsday XXVI cast photo by 


A Dramatic Recital for Four Singers Music by Daron Hagen Words by Paul Muldoon The composer introduces the New York staged premiere.