Rapture and Regret


Rapture and Regret


dyptich for soprano, cello, and piano (1987)

  • Premiere: 4-9 December 1987  / Cunningham Dance Studio, Westbeth, New York, New York  / Karen Hale, soprano / Robert La Rue, cello / Eric Sawyer, piano
  • Instrumentation: S.vlc.pft
  • "Originally Commissioned by the Bill Douglas Dancers"
  • Duration: 18'
  • Text: Virginia Woolf, Isak Dinesan (E)
William Douglas

William Douglas

Program Note

I. Rapture (Virginia Woolf, from The Waves)
II. Regret (Isak Dinesan, from Out of Africa)

Originally commissioned by the William Douglas Dancers as the ballet score And the Air and premiered under that title at the Merce Cuningham Dance Studio at the Westbeth Center for the Arts, New York, New York, on the evenings of 4-9 December 1987, conducted by the composer.

William Douglas, "Bill," Choreographer, dancer, teacher (b at Amherst, NS 25 Sept 1953; d at Montréal, Qué 10 March 1996). Douglas was best known for the elegant, intelligent and sensual formality of his 30 choreographies - much of it achieved with the collaboration of contemporary composers and lighting designers. His dance works, crafted over a decade from 1986 to 1996, also reflected a Cartesian fascination with vortices, honed during early studies and work in architectural design.

The score was revised, with linking material and music conceived of purely for the dance excised, during the summer of 2005.

(Banner photo: Isak Dinesin)