Music from Shining Brow


Music from Shining Brow


for brass quintet (1993)

  • Premiere: 13 August 1994 / Chicago Botanical Garden, Chicago, Illinois / Millar Brass Ensemble
  • Instrumentation: 
  • Duration: 7'
  • Dedication: "For the Wisconsin Brass Quintet, in friendship."
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Program Note

"This piece is a medley of melodies from the opera Shining Brow. It was composed for performance in the lobby (or on the street in front) of theaters before, during, and after performances of the opera, in the custom of Victorian-era buskers. The original performance was to have featured my friends in the Wisconsin Brass Quintet. However, they also happened to be playing in the Madison Symphony Orchestra in the pit for the world premiere and couldn't get out to the lobby in time to play it.  Nevertheless, the suite is dedicated to my pals int he WB, in friendship.

The suite has four parts: Part I is called "Hymn to Nature" in the opera. Part II begins at measure 58 and is based on music from that Act I, scene 2 "Workmen's Chorus." Part III begins at measure 96 and consists of music sung by a Runyon-esque barbershop quartet of drunken newspapermen. Part IV begins with a return of the melody of the "Hymn to Nature" combined with a variant of the barbershop quartet tune and a jig in the trumpets. The suite closes, and the coda begins, at measure 192, with a reprise of the "Hymn to Nature."

--Daron Hagen, August 2000