A Woman in Morocco Aria Album

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A Woman in Morocco Aria Album


Twelve Arias from the Opera


Premiere Production: 23 June 2015 / The Kentucky Opera / Roger Zahab / Actors Theater of Louisville / Louisville, KY


  1. Tenor Aria: "And So I Do" (Ahmed)
  2. Soprano Arietta: "I'm From Chicago" (Lizzy)
  3. Mezzo Arietta: "Habiba is Dead" (Asilah)
  4. Baritone Aria: "Permission" (Teddy)
  5. Soprano Song: "Love Comes With a Knife" (Jazz Singer)
  6. Mezzo Aria: "There Was a Woman" (Asilah)
  7. Tenor Aria: "The Best That I Can Do" (Ahmed)
  8. Tenor Aria: "I Did Not Say Goodnight" (Ahmed)
  9. Soprano Aria: "Oh, to Hell With You, Ahmed!" (Lizzy)
  10. Mezzo Aria: "Squibs for the Trib" (Clare)
  11. Soprano Aria: "This Lovely Scarf" (Lizzy)
  12. Mezzo Aria: "And You Ran Toward It. Why?" (Clare)

This selection of set pieces from the opera is ideal as an audition resource and as introduction to the opera. The complete vocal score is available only as a print item.