Daron Hagen and Gilda Lyons have works published by Schott, Peerrmusic Classical, EC Schirmer and Carl Fischer. Consequently, finding out who to talk to when licensing their music or finding sheet music can be needlessly confusing. That’s why we encourage you to simply ask us to direct you to what you are looking for by clicking the box below.


What Does Burning Sled Do?

Why Burning Sled?

We get this question a lot.

A publisher needs a name. When it was time to choose ours, we thought of Rosebud, which was already taken. We've long admired the Kenosha-born filmaker, actor, director, visual artist and magician Orson Welles--particularly his great cinematic debut, Citizen Kane. The final tableux of the film consists of a tracking shot of Charles Foster Kane's effects--thousands of valuable works of art collected from around the globe--following his demise. What, a reporter asks, were Kane's last words? As "Rosebud" is whispered, a glimpse is caught of Charlie Kane's childhood sled being burned in a furnace; the effect is that of a dream's cremation.

Composers Gilda Lyons and Daron Hagen. (Photo: Karen Pearson)