A first time mother-to-be, whose psyche has been scarred by the loss of her pilot-father in Vietnam, must break free from anxiety to embrace healing and renewal for the sake of her husband and child in a story that unfolds over a 30-year period beginning in 1966.

The Antient Concert

John McCormack and James Joyce compete in Dublin's Antient Concert Rooms in the 1904 Feis Ceoil to determine which of them is Ireland's "finest tenor." The "dramatic recital" also features meaty roles for Jim's lover Nora Barnacle and his dead mother.


Touch of Evil is crossed with Under the Volcano in this searing, "soaringly eclectic" post-verismo retelling of the Bard's Othello set in the spiritual, physical, and ethical "liminal zone" of the Texas-Mexican border on the "Day of the Dead" in 1968. 

I Hear America Singing

Three middle-aged Juilliard school chums — a composer, a singer, and his ex-wife, an actress — reunite at their composer friend's request to perform for financial backers a revised version of the musical that, decades earlier, established his Broadway career.

New York Stories

Words and music weave together three intimate tales based on the experiences of real New Yorkers during the 90s: the first skit is piquant and romantic, the second is dark and funny by turns, and the third is warmly domestic and ends with a twist.

Little Nemo in Slumberland

Based on Winsor McKay's surrealist cartoon strip, the opera recounts the adventures of a boy named Nemo over the course of two nights. Family visitors and the neighbor’s little girl are transformed in his dreams into fantastic characters, all of them involved in Nemo’s quest to save Slumberland from Emperor Sol, who wants it to be bright, all night and all day. 

Shining Brow

Set between 1903 and 1914, the opera relates the true story of great American architect Frank Lloyd Wright as he leaves his wife and children for Mamah Cheney, who is subsequently murdered with her children during a fire at Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

Vera of Las Vegas

Four haunted souls in desperate pursuit of personal reinvention are on the verge of entertaining themselves to death: Taco and Dumdum, two IRA irregulars on the lam, are rolled by INS agent Doll and her mysterious pal Vera during a late 80s layover in Vegas. 

A Woman in Morocco

The cinematic, noir-verismo parable of a young female American writer who comes to Tangiers in 1958 to do research for an exposé of human trafficking there and instead becomes entangled in a tragic web of lies, drugs, love, and betrayal.