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(l. to r.) Brenda Harris portrays Mamah Cheney (COT Production; Dan Rest); Robert Orth portrays Frank Lloyd Wright (COT; Rest);
Michael Sokol portrays Frank Lloyd Wright (Madison Opera Production); Brenda Harris (COT; Rest).

(l. to r.) Mamah (Harris) and her husband Edwin Cheney (Bradley Garvin) meet Frank Lloyd Wright (Orth) for the first time (COT; Rest);
Wright (Orth) shares a moment with his wife, Catherine (Kitt Reuter-Foss) (COT; Rest);
Mamah (Carolann Page) tells her husband Edwin (Garvin) that she intends to leave him (Madison Opera).

(l. to r.) Wright (Orth) assures Mamah (Harris) that she is both his ""lover and his muse" as the Maid (Diane Ragains) looks on (COT; Rest);
Grief-stricken townspeople mourn as Wright (Orth) places wildflowers on Mamah's grave (COT; Rest);
Wright (Orth) pitches woo to Mamah (Harris) (COT; Rest).

(l. to r.) Townswomen and Workers at the site of the Cheney house, in mid-construction (COT; Rest);
a photographer immortalizes the happy family at Taliesin (COT; Rest).

Sullivan and Wright attempt a reconciliation.
(l. to r.) Wright (Orth) vows to rebuild Taliesin in Mamah's memory (COT; Rest);
Sullivan (Barry Busse) and Wright (Orth) attempt a reconciliation at the Cliff Dwellers Club (COT; Rest).

The Reporters at Wright's Press Conference begin their Barbershop Quartet. Canape!
(l. to r.) An impromptu Barbershop Quartet of Reporters comments upon the domestic arrangements at Taliesin (COT; Rest);
The Maid (Regains) offers canapé to guests at the disastrous cocktail party at Taliesin (COT; Rest).

Wright (Orth) and Sullivan (Busse) at the Cliff Dwellers Club (COT; Rest).

Barry Busse as Louis Sullivan
Louis Sullivan (Barry Busse), mentor (COT; Rest).

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