Distribution Agreement Signed

Classical Vocal Reprints joins Theodore Front Music Literature as a Burning Sled print distribution partner.


Daron Hagen (President of Burning Sled Music Publishing, exclusive publishers of musical compositions by Daron Hagen and Gilda Lyons) and Glendower Jones (President of Classical Vocal Reprints, or CVR) announced June 1st that Arkansas-based Classical Vocal Reprints has joined California-based Theodore Front Music Literature as Burning Sled Music's exclusive print-fulfillment partners.

Theodore Front, the oldest established sheet music and music book dealer in the Western United States, will continue to provide both paper music scores and digital downloads of the entire Burning Sled catalogue, including vocal works. CVR, which has specialized in reaching the the vocal music market since 1987, will provide paper music scores of vocal works. 

Digital downloads of Burning Sled works will continue to be available (at the same price as the same works available from Front) from the Hagen and Lyons websites. Grand rights licensing of Burning Sled works will continue to be handled by Bill Rhoads and Associates, while Burning Sled will continue to service its sizable for hire library.

"Our partnership with Christine Clark and Theodore Front has been central to our ability to meet market demand as a boutique publisher of opera and serious concert music," said Daron Hagen. "Front's well-earned superb reputation with major libraries in the OCLC database has made it possible for the Sled catalogue to be comprehensively represented in major academic library catalogues."

Theodore Front made available June 1st the vocal score of Hagen's latest opera, A Woman in Morocco (258 pp., $125, 30 cm., language: English, French; ISBN: 978-0-692-72110-0. UPC: 9780692721100) and a large vocal collection, 38 Songs and Arias (237 pp., $75, 30 cm., language: English, Spanish, German; ISBN: 978-0-692-71938-1. UPC: 9780692719381).

Composer Daron Hagen's music was published exclusively by E.C. Schirmer Music from 1982-1990; Carl Fischer published his music exclusively from 1990-2006. Numerous Hagen works are represented in those catalogues, and Burning Sled maintains warm business relationships with them. After consultations with colleague Stephen Paulus and publisher Robert Schuneman, Hagen set up Burning Sled Music (ASCAP) in 2006 to publish his own music.

Compositions by composer Gilda Lyons not published by Schott Music were added to the Burning Sled catalogue in 2009. For more information, please contact the Craig Urquhart Office.

Source: http://www.daronhagen.com/sled