"To live is to sleep, to die is to awaken."

Opera in two Acts & a Prologue
Music by Daron Aric Hagen
Libretto by Paul Muldoon

Bandanna recasts the tragedy of Othello as the story of Miguel Morales, Latino police chief of a tiny town straddling the Texas-Mexico border, his wife Mona, her girlfriend Emily, two of his officers, Jake and Cassidy, and Kane, a corrupt union organizer. Jake, who is resentful of Cassidy's advancement over him, is playing a dangerous double-role as policeman and guide to successive groups of illegal immigrant workers. With the encouragement of Kane, Jake determines to convince Morales that his wife, Mona, is having an affair with Cassidy. Mona's bandanna falls into the wrong hands, jealousy provokes Miguel to strangle her with it, shoot Jake, and ultimately, himself. The curtain falls on this desolate scene.