A Two Act Opera in Six Scenes

Music by Daron Hagen

Words by Gardner McFall

Story by Stephen Wadsworth


A first time mother-to-be, whose psyche has been scarred by the loss of her pilot-father in Vietnam, must break free from anxiety to embrace healing and renewal for the sake of her husband and child in this original story unfolding over a 30-year period beginning in 1966. Amelia interweaves one woman's emotional journey, the American experience in Vietnam, and elements of the Daedalus and Icarus myth to explore man's fascination with flight and the dilemmas that arise when vehicles of flight are used for exploration, adventure, and war. With an intensely personal libretto by American poet Gardner McFall, whose father was a Navy pilot lost during Vietnam, this new American opera moves from loss to recuperation, paralysis to flight, as the protagonist, Amelia, ultimately embraces her life and the creative force of love and family.

Hagen’s opera Amelia is, in many ways, a work of genius.
— The Huffington Post
Hagen’s work is both highly original and gripping; restless, questioning music that never loses its heart.
— Opera Now Magazine
Đây không phải là vở opera đầu tiên về Việt nam trên sân khấu Mỹ nhưng là vở opera đầu tiên có phần hát tiếng Việt về chủ đề này, có tầm cỡ và được làm bởi một nhà hát opera lớn của Mỹ.
— Nhạc sĩ Daron Aric Hagen


8-22 May 2010
McCaw Opera House, Seattle, WA
The Seattle Opera / Gerard Schwarz
Commissioned by Seattle Opera


  • Moores Opera House - Unviersity of Houston
  • Chicago College of the Performing Arts


120 minutes, with one intermission


major roles

  • The Flier (lyric soprano)
  • Young Amelia (lyric soprano)
  • Helen (soprano)
  • Amelia (mezzo-soprano)
  • Amanda (mezzo)
  • Young Boy / Icarus (tenor)
  • Dodge (tenor)
  • Paul (baritone)
  • Daedalus / Father (bass)

supporting roles

  • Trang / Nurse (lyric soprano)
  • Huy / Doctor (baritone)
  • Interpreter / 2nd Doctor (lyric baritone)
  • C.O. / Political Official (tenor)
  • Chaplain / Government Official / Priest (baritone)
  • NVA Commander / Grief Counselor (spoken)
  • 3 NVA Army Soldiers (spoken)
  • Several Supers (mute)


Large Version (44 players) 2(I,II=picc).2(II=CA).2(I=Eb;II=bcl).2- players)

Chamber Version (34 players) 2(I,II=picc).2(II=CA).2(I=Eb;II=bcl).2- players